Thin Film Evaporators

Thin Film Evaporators
Product Description

Thin Film Evaporators

Thin Film Evaporators, which are also frequently called wiped film evaporators or agitated thin film evaporators have become a generally recognized and accepted solution for difficult and demanding process problems in the areas of distillation, concentration, degassing, drying and reactions.

We OORJA SYSTEMS & CONSULTANTS offer the wide range of different types of Thin Film Evaporators available worldwide, such as:

  • different types of rotor to suit a wide range of different applications
  • vertical or horizontal construction
  • cylindrical or conical design
  • counter or co-current working principle


Thin Film Evaporators differ in the following main technical features from other evaporator types:

  • Continuous and trouble-free processing of viscous, fouling and contaminated fluids by high turbulence in the liquid film, which also reduces the required temperature difference across the heating surface;
  • Gentle product treatment because of the short residence time and the narrow residence time spectrum in the whole equipment;
  • High evaporation performance because of high surface heat flux;
  • High evaporation ratio in a single pass;
  • Minimum losses in case of product change because of the low hold-up.

Operating Window

Our Thin Film Evaporators can be used within the following range:

Operating parameters Operating window
Feed rate ltrs/h 20 - 5000
Evaporation rate ltr/h up to 4000
Heating temperature °C up to 300
High Vacuum Range - Bar
up to 0.001
Product viscosity at operating temperature mPas up to 70.000
Residence time min < 1
Evaporation ratio (concentrate/feed) up to 1:50
Through put % 20 - 100

 Quality Attributes

  • Compact Structure
  • Leak Proof Body
  • Easy & Strong Installation
  • Cost Effective Prices
  • User friendly Structure
  • Hindrance to Adverse Effects Like High Pressure, Abrasion, Corrosion Etc.


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